10 Tips to Grow an Awesome Dumb Cane

Botanists call it Dieffenbachia (deef-en-BOK-ee-uh) and we, the commoners call it Dumb Cane! Although the lovely green with creamy white blotches is poisonous, the plant has been granted the ultimate accolade –a soft ‘corner’ in the living room. Why? Because Dumb Cane isn’t finicky!

If you’re unsure about the nitty-gritty of growing a healthy Dumb Cane, here are some brilliant tips.

Must-knows of Dumb Cane care

Dumb Cane won’t need a green thumb to take care of – it’s true.  But there are a few things you should be doing to contribute to their wellness.

  1. One word: Dumb Canes don’t mind regular showers but hate to soak in a bath. Keep in mind that the watering interval depends on the season, temperature in your home, and the pot type. Ideally, water it when the top one inch of soil is dry.

  2. Neither too dark nor too bright – Dumb Canes are crystal clear on their light requirements! Don’t forget to look for a change in color, browning, and small pale leaves – the ways Dumb Canes use to let you know that they aren’t getting the right amount of light.

  3. The Dumb Cane does like humidity. Remember, too much humidity will contribute to its demise. If the weather at your place is too hot, use a mister or humidity tray to save the leaves.

  4. Over and under-fertilizing can kill your Dumb Cane; so give it a dose of an all natural plant food.

  5. Snipping off the dying leaves is indeed a facelift for your plant, but ensure you aren’t giving too much stress in the name of pruning/grooming. Also remove dust and buildup from the leaves with a soft, wet cloth.

  6. Propagate at regular intervals. Irrespective of whether you use stem shoots, tip cutting or sucker removal method for propagation, make sure you use a sharp, clean knife/razor to avoid bacterial infection.

  7. Warmer temperature can make your Dumb Cane swoon, so keep it in a spot where the temperature is between 65 to 75 degrees Fahrenheit. The plant will not tolerate temperatures below 55° degrees Fahrenheit.

  8. Cut off the calla lily like flowers of Dumb Cane as they’ll slow down the leaf development.

  9. Dumb Cane isn’t fussy about the type of soil. Any potting mixture that drains quickly will work. Take two parts peat moss and one-part perlite if you want a DIY touch in it. Did we forget to mention that springtime is best for potting or repotting?

  10. When spider mites and mealy bugs attack the leaves, use a natural insecticidal and fungicide like We Love Houseplants’ Quick Shot Insecticidal Brew from our trusted eBay store.

Follow these tips, sit back, and watch how a simple potted plant brings a real tropical look to your interior. By the way, if you have more tried and tested tips in your arsenal, please share them too – we’d love to read them.

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