Easy Care Tips to Get Your Bare Root Transplant off to a Great Start

Updated: Jul 19

We all loved potted container plants because they are convenient and easy to transport, but we can also admit it's a drag lugging the larger the gallons around the garden. Let's keep life light and plant bare root plants instead. You get more bang for your buck with super light bare root plants and since they are super light to carry and really easy to plant, your lower back will thank you! Check out these tips to get transplants off to a great start!

Transplant ASAP. Plant your bare root as soon as possible (at least within 24 hours).  If not, keep in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight.  Ensure the roots stay moist at all times. Since bare roots plants are most likely shipped with minimal to no leaves, there is no need for alarm when you get your nude plant. With that, if you have a bare root plant with some leave and a little soil but the plant looks half-dead, just know that it is alive and the plant is simply in shock from the transplant and travel.  You can either remove these leaves, or see if they perk up after transplant.  Either way, the root system is healthy and strong and within a month's time your plant will begin to grow new leaves.

Plant in a Container. We recommend potting up your transplant(s) in a small container(s) in part sun - full shade until the roots become more established.  (Give them about 2-4 weeks).  If you prefer to plant directly into the ground, still provide shade until established.  Shade helps lessen the likelihood of transplant shock if you live in a really sun-beating-down-on-you state.  You can also dip the roots in your favorite rooting hormone to help get them established. Remember, It may take up to month to set new roots and to begin to leaf out. Note: Bare roots plant in the winter will wake up when the warm weather comes. Either way, be patient and have fun!

Handle Roots with Care. When you transplant, be sure the roots stay intact at all times and are handled with care.  It is imperative that the roots or tap root not be injured during transplant in order to ensure healthy growth.

Plants from Georgia. We Love Houseplants is a Georgia grower. In our growing area, our soil is primarily composed of red clay. Many of the plants we provide are grown in this medium, which is the plant's native state and the plants thrive very well under these conditions. This is a plus to you since the soil in your garden is most likely comprised of organic materials that your Georgia raised plant will love and to get them off to a great start.

Since are plants are grown in Georgia red clay, the root structure of our plants may appear to be limited. Know that this is not an indication of the plants' health, but merely the nature our plants grown in our climate. They bloom and take nutrients up like any other plant, But again, once your new garden member is planted, it will quickly embrace its new porous home.

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