Add a Burst of Garden Color in Cold Winter Months with the Forsythia Bush

If you want to see a sunny spot of color during cold and white winter months, the forsythia is what you need.  This low maintenance bush is one of the first to bloom as the new season and new year begins.  Check out these easy-care tips for growing this sunny-colored bush.

During warm months, the forsythia performs best in a full sun location.  Since light is its main requirement to thrive, it does great with minimal water and holds up well during times of drought.  It also grows well in a variety of soil conditions.  In Georgia, ours thrive happily in clay soil!

Forsythia is deciduous, meaning it looses its leaves in the winter and takes a rest (becomes dormant).  But as the new year starts, the forsythia bush comes alive with vibrant yellow flowers while other plants are still sleeping.  To ensure you get the best blooms, just feed your bush with a fertilizer high in phosphorus just as it starts to bud out.  To make feeding simple, feed your bush with We Love Houseplant’s all organic and custom formulated Forsythia All Natural Bush Food.  It’s so release, so it will last throughout the bush’s growing season and save you the headache of remembering when to feed your plant.

After your forsythia blooms, if you like, you can prune the tips to keep your plant bushy.  At full size, the forsythia can tower up to 10 feet so you can either decide to let it grow to its full potential or maintain its size through pruning.  Remember to prune after it blooms so you don’t cut off any flower buds.

As the temperatures cool towards the end of the season, forsythia’s leaves change from green to a vibrant deep burgundy that blends nicely with other fall colors.  With these tips, forsythia will give you years of blooms.

Our Recommendation:

We love this bush!  It’s easy-care, fuss free, and isn’t bothered by pests or disease.  Try a few or add some more to your garden today!  Plant Chatwith us here or on Facebook if you have plant questions or to share garden pics.

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Planting Forsythia

Here are some tips for planting  your bare root forsythia sold exclusively by We Love Houseplants:

Our forsythias are sold bare root with a strong root system.  To get your bush off to a healthy start, try to plant it as soon as you receive it.  If not, just keep the roots moist in a cool, shaded environment.  (In the summer time, the garage floor is a great place).

You can plant your forsythia directly in the ground, provided your soil is well-draining with ample soil amendments.  If it is not, as is the case in Georgia, we recommend starting your bare root seedling in a pot with quality, well-draining potting soil until its root systems are re-established.  After potting, simply sprinkle your Forsythia All Natural Bush Food on top of the soil and water in.  That’s it!

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