Be Evergreen With an Easy-Care Chinese Evergreen Houseplant

Chinese Evergreens are a member of the Araceae origin with cousins in the peace lily and philodendron family.  There are approximately 50 different species of the houseplant.


They thrive in many conditions in which finicky houseplants would balk. So since they happily embrace a wide range of indoor conditions, they make a great no-fuss plant for virtually in spot in your home.


Since the houseplant plant is fuss-free, it will be content to grow in well lit (not direct) or dim lit areas.  Naturally, its growth will increase depending on its exposure to light.


As stated, since the plant is not temperature sensitive; it will thrive in both dry and low humidity conditions.


As an easy-care houseplant, it also is not constantly thirsty.  You would do best to keep it on the drier side and mist occasionally as you walk by it.


Select a porous and well draining soil mixture.  If you prefer to stay on the eco friendly side, try your hand at making your own balanced soil mixture.


Feed your Chinese evergreen with an eco-friendly, toxin-free, plant food.  Buy our special blend  Organic Chinese Evergreen Plant Food.

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