Be Garden Bright with Black Eyed Susan

One of my favorite plants, next to the Morning Glory, is the black eyed susan. Known in Latin as Rudbeckia Hirta, this relative of the sunflower boasts of bright yellow petals with a black eyed center (similar to the purple coneflower).

Rudbeckia is drought tolerant, so you won't need to water every day once established. Keep in mind though, after you sow your seeds to be sure to keep the soil moist just until the little susan's start to germinate. But once your flowers are established, they live happily on minimal water.

Depending where the sun visit's your garden, you can plant black eyed susan anywhere there is light. It's happy in full sun ~ part sun ~ part shade...so that gives you a ton of different places to plant your flowers.

To plant, using the easy-care approach, simply scatter in the spot you want them to grow. It's that simple; wildflowers are not picky. But if you want to increase your germination ratio, make sure the seed has made contact with the soil. It helps, but it's not necessary.

See more rudbeckia tips below.

Quick Tips:

Grows up to 3 ft Tall

Likes Full Sun to Part Shade

Looks great planted with shasta daisy or purple coneflower

Zones 3-8

Really easy to grow

Drought Tolerant


Bloom in Summer and Part Fall

Not soil picky

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