Colorful Croton Easy-Care Houseplant

Looking to add a burst of color to a room to your home or your office cubicle? Check out the croton houseplant. Its vivid greens, yellows, and reds brings life to any room!

Here are some easy-care tips to keep your croton happy and healthy:

Temperature and Water

The croton houseplant likes temperature of at least 70 degrees for best results and a warm and humid environment (think sunny Florida). To mimic this environment, mist your houseplant daily or set it in a tray of pebbles in water. The evaporation of the water will help to keep the foliage bright and colorful. Be sure the water level is well below the pebbles so your croton doesn’t get root rot.

Your croton also prefers a moister soil, but as always, water when dry and do not over-water or allow the plant to sit in water.


Different varieties of croton have differing light requirements. Some crotons thrive in full sun, while others do best in semi-shade to full shade. In general, the more sunlight received by the foliage, the brighter the colors will be. The light requirement if your croton lives indoors is usually about six to eight hours of light. Plants placed in east or west windows will do best, but should not be exposed to direct sunlight. Filtered bright light is ideal. Your croton will also thrive well under florescent lights (making it an ideal colorful partner at work).


Feed your fuss-free croton houseplant with a plant food specialty formulated for its needs. We recommend our specially blended Croton All Natural Plant Food. It’s a slow release plant food made with only natural products and is toxin free.

Happy planting and feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Color Croton Houseplant ~ Codiaeum Variegatum