Crazy for Corn Plants!

This too easy plant hails from the genus dracaena (pronounced drə-ˈsē-nə).  It’s tree-like structure will make it a stunning display in a corner room of your home.

Temperature & Light

Only the easiest of care will do for a lover of low care houseplants, and the corn plant is definitely on the list.  Although it likes water, it is still fuss free.  You can feel free to mist your corn plant occasionally if you choose, but the true jewel to success with it is to keep the soil moist.  Just use the first segment of your index finger to ensure the plant is damp, and it will reward you with it’s beautiful foliage.

Dracaena will do just fine in areas within your home that don’t boast of a lot of light (but remember it must still receive light to thrive).  Or if you want to amp of its growth, so your houseplant will grow fuller and taller, just give it partial light.  The corn plant will burn badly in direct sun.

One More Tip

If you notice the tips of your plant’s leaves beginning to turn brown, ensure the soil is moist, and just give it a little mist for often.  Check out some cool misters!

Our Review of the Corn Plant

One of our favorite houseplants!  It gives any room a tree-like feel and it’s so easy to care for.  We simply mist ours occasionally, give it some sun (remember it burns easily), and keep it moist.  It’s a must have fuss-free plant that will give you years of pleasure!