Easy Way to Orchid Care

Looking for a blooming indoor houseplant to add a whim of color to your home?  An orchid is a good choice.  These humidity lovers are easy-care and keep blooming year after year.  Check out the easy orchid care tips below to keep your happy orchid blooming.

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With your orchid houseplant, caution of the side of ‘less water’ to keep it healthy.  Not sure when it’s time, just check the medium’s moisture with your index finger or use a trusted moisture meter.  We use Bond 9628 Moisture Meter📷 and we love it!  Now if you’re electronically advanced, check out the new age pinless moisture meter by General Tools.  It’s called the General Tools MMD5NP Moisture Meter, Pinless, Digital LCD📷.  These are great and easy way to check your plants water levels.

To make watering super easy – you can water your orchid with a couple of ice cubes.  Remember, the goal is to water sparingly and to avoid continuously saturating the medium.