Enjoy the Evening with Yellow Primrose

If you're looking for a bright and super easy flower to grow, you should check out Evening Primrose.

Yellow Primrose is an annual flower the grows up to 60" with summertime blooms. The bees and the butterflies love it, so yay to your contribution to nature!

It will bloom for you for close to a month and looks majestic planted in mass. Plant in full sun and keep your seeds moist until they germinate.

Also, no worries about the ideal soil, primrose is not soil picky! Thrives best in hardiness zones 3-8. Note: Grows as an annual in hot climates and a perennial in cooler areas.

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Quick Tips:

Grows up to 60" Tall

Likes Full Sun

Zones 3-8

Really easy to grow

Drought Tolerant


Blooms in Summer and Part Fall

Not soil picky

Loved by bees and butterflies

Also known as Oenothera lamarckiana

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