How to Grow a Smart Dumb Cane: Must-knows of Dieffenbachia Houseplant Care

You won't need a green thumb to take care of your dumb cane houseplant. Here are some smart tips to contribute to their wellness.

1. One word: Dumb Canes don’t mind regular showers but hate to soak in a bath. Keep in mind that the watering interval depends on the season, temperature in your home, and the pot type. Ideally, water it when the top one inch of soil is dry.

2. Neither too dark nor too bright - Dumb Canes are crystal clear on their light requirements! Don’t forget to look for a change in color, browning, and small pale leaves – the ways Dumb Canes use to let you know that they aren’t getting the right amount of light.

3. The Dumb Cane does like humidity. Remember, too much humidity will contribute to its demise. If the weather at your place is too hot, use a mister or humidity tray to save the leaves.

4. Over and under-fertilizing can kill your Dumb Cane; so feed it with WLH's specially formulated Dumb Cane All Natural Plant Food and forget the worry. Our eco-friendly plant food provides your dumb cane the specific nutrients it needs. Since it's slow release, you won't have to worry about burning your plant or over feeding. One pack of All Natural and Organic Dumb Cane will feed several plants for a year and is blended specifically for dieffenbachia to keep it healthy and disease-free!

5. Share pics of your favorite dumb cane on the Easy Plant Chat Club! You picture could be our feature!

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