Love the Heat with Drought Tolerant Purple Coneflower

Here are some easy-care tips for planting and taking care of your coneflower seeds!

Water Yippe for easy-care plants lovers!  The purple coneflower performs better in drier conditions.  If you notice the leaves starting to yellow, it’s getting too much water.     


This perennial (think of perennial as permanent – it lives and blooms several years) adapts from minimal shade to full sun. But for ultimate summer blooms, the coneflower performs best in full sun.

Plant Food

At We Love Houseplants we like to keep it as natural and organic as possible, but with purple coneflower you don’t even have to sweat the fertilizer.  Since it’s a wildflower, it thrives any various soil conditions (from sandy to clay) provided some nutrients are available.

Sowing your Seeds

For direct planting outside in the soil, simply choose a sunny spot, scatter the seeds on the ground, and gently press them into the soil by either stepping on them or pressing firmly with the palm of your hand if you are planting in a patio container.  This will create seed to soil contact and help begin the germination process.

Then apply water after planting and ensure to keep the soil moist until the seed begins to sprout. With perennial seeds, the first year is spent growing foliage and creating a strong root system for flowering production the following year.  Therefore, your purple coneflower will leaf out only the first year planted but will bloom the following year and years after that.

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