Poppin' Purple Coneflower

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Purple Coneflower is a showy perennial plant for any flower garden. It’s drought tolerant, deer resistant, and blooms throughout the summer season.

Echinacea is not soil picky (adapts great in clay soils) and does not require fertilization after established. This flower plant is a perennial and returns every year. Deadhead for continuous blooms or allow to go seed for the birds. Butterflies love this flower, too!

Likes full sun to part shade. Hardy zone 3-9. Grows 12" tall with blooms shooting up to 3-4 ft tall. Blooms in the summer. Purple coneflower grows a hot and dry climate so they adapt well to heat!

Not only is the purple coneflower native and drought-tolerant, it attracts butterflies to your garden, goldfinches love the seeds, and you can make a cold fighting tea with the leaves. And it’s easy to grow!

Planting Purple Echinacea Seeds

You will be glad to know that purple coneflower seeds are easy to grow. You can sow in the summer and the winter as well. In the summer, simply select your location and cast the seeds in your chosen spot or planter. If you are sowing directly on the ground, simply tap in the seeds and water. For container gardening, press gently into the soil and water in. It is not necessary to cover echinacea with soil. Depending upon the temperature, germination ranges from 3 - 14 days. (This seed germinates quicker in hotter temperatures).

Note: Since purple coneflower is a perennial, your seeds will flower the 2nd year of growth and for many more years to come.

Once established, echinacea remains drought tolerant and reseeds. They also make a nice treat for birds and look good planted with Black Eyed Susan.

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