Really Easy-Care Pothos Houseplant

Updated: Jan 20, 2019

The pothos, also called golden pothos or devil’s ivy, is a plant of the genus philodendron (think of philodendron as the parent).   Within the genus are tons of different species, one of which is this ivy.

Temperature & Water

The houseplant is happy around 70 degrees, but will thrive in higher temperatures.  It doesn’t appreciate drastic temperature changes, so attempt to keep a stable temp.

Keep the soil moist, but as an easy plant care lover, we often slip on this mission. Basically, once you notice the leaves looking a little limp, it’s time to water.   The slight wilt is especially important if your planter is without drainage holes. This will avoid death by drowning.  Also, your houseplant will appreciate an occasional mist.

Food & Light

The pothos is easy to please. Feed your plant with the all natural, chemical-free Pothos Organic Plant Food. It's slow release, so you only have to feed 2x a year.

The pothos is very loving of low light. So this gives you the option to place it virtually anywhere, provided some light does exist.   On the flip side, the plant will frown and burn if exposed to direct sunlight.

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