Quick Shot Insecticidal Brew

Quick Shot is concentrated.  Please follow the instructions.    

Add 1 tablespoon to a 16 oz container of water and apply to soil.  Be sure to water in thoroughly. 

You can also can add 1 tablespoon & 16 oz of water to a spray bottle and apply to leaves.

Apply to top and underside of the plants leaves.  Do not apply to leaves in direct sunlight.  (This leaf spray technique is not recommended for plants with sensitive leaves like the African Violet). 

Continue to treat each time you water until the symptoms cease.  

Quick Shot All Natural Plant Revive Brew can aid in the healing of diseased and infected plants. It contains all natural plant goodness that your green friends will love.

You can also view these instructions online.  Contact us if you are not sure what's going on with your plant.

This product is non toxic.  Our special blend contains no chemical additives or mass produced synthetics. 

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