Quick Shot Insecticidal Brew ~All Natural Insecticidal Soap ~ Disease & Insects

Updated: Jul 19

Is something in the yard bugging you? Critters are buzzin’ and chomping away - mostly chomping on your prized rose bush!

Stop their suppertime frenzy with Quick Shot Insecticidal Brew. This all-natural brew blends the organic ingredients of neem and other natural products to create an oil-based solution that prevents insect infestation and common plant diseases.

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Insecticidal Brew:

· Kills insects and eggs (insecticide) · Prevents or aids in the elimination of common plant diseases (fungicide)

Quick Shot can aid in the healing of diseased and infected plants and is effective against common garden and houseplant diseases and insects (to name a few):

· Powdery mildew · Mites · Aphids · Japanese Beetle · Mealy  Bugs · Scale · Black spot

Directions and How to Use

Quick Shot is concentrated. Please follow the instructions.

You get one 3 oz bottle - concentrate ~ makes 4 gallons. Use your mixed brew in a spray bottle or use to water plants. Direct pour(after mixing) is recommended for infested plants (use on a regular basis until symptoms subside) or monthly as preventative maintenance. Works great in spray bottles, too!

Do not spray this product on plants in direct sunlight; will cause leaf burn. Apply to top and underside of the plant’s leaves. The leaf spray technique is not recommended for plants with sensitive leaves like the African Violet. Treat through the soil through watering with these types of plants.

Continue to treat each time you water until the symptoms cease. Get your Quick Brew.

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