Razzle Dazzle Your Summer Garden with Zinnias

Zinnias are one of the most popular and easiest to seeds to grow while adding a huge color burst to a garden. And guess what? Zinnias are loved by butterflies and bees, too.

As an annual plant, Zinnias grow for a single season. They make a great bouquet of cut flowers or at the front of your garden bed or window box. You can even plant them in hanging baskets.

How to Grow Your Zinnias

The good news is Zinnias are super easy to grow. Follow these easy tips for plant success!

  • Plant after last frost in full sun. Note that Zinnias prefer direct sowing as opposed to starting indoors and then transplanting.

  • Zinnias are not soil picky, but you will get a better burst of color in fertile, humus-rich, well-drained soil

  • Don’t sow your Zinnia seeds deeper than ¼ inches into the soil

  • For most of the seed varieties, the Zinnia seedlings germinate within 4 to 7 days (soil must be warm – like spring and summertime temperatures)

  • For a lengthier flower display, sow your seeds 2-3 weeks apart. We will have fresh (packaged 2019) and GMO-free seeds ready for you all throughout the entire spring, summer, and fall season. Get fresh seeds here.

Do note that you do not have to fertilize your soil heavily, as it will result in thinning of the stem which may break the stem apart.

More Stuff About The Zinnia!

  • Stands up to 30” tall and will bloom in the Summer through the Fall.

  • · Deer resistant

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