Super Easy Tricks to Grow an Evergreen Silverberry Bush

Want to add a natural privacy screen hedge to your garden or looking for that easy grow evergreen bush for the landscape, then all you need is the silverberry bush.

Known for its silver-green foliage, this always-green bush grows quick in any soil condition and smells so yummy in the fall with its cream-colored silver bells. It makes an idea hedge since it grows up to 20 ft! Hardy in zones 4-9.


Silverberries can also grow from cuttings. With a little patience, cuttings can be rooted with your baby shrub leafing and actively growing within one growing season.

Plant tender cuttings in well-draining soil, water-in, and place in part sun until rooted. You may use a rooting hormone, but it not necessary. You can also direct plant your cuttings directly in the soil, but remember to mark the location to prevent damage during weed eating.

Remember, silverberry cuttings may take up to one growing season to root (dependent upon soil condition and environment).

Happy planting! Want to grow a natural privacy fence? Get your bush here on our eBay store at a James Canteen General Store.

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