The Beloved Aloe Vera Plant

We are all familiar with the great medicinal properties found in the Aloe Vera.  Some applaud its healing properties while others remain skeptic. Aloe is a member of the succulent family and has been in existence since the Greek era with origins also found in Africa.

Let’s learn how to take care of our Aloe!

Water.  Since the aloe is part of the succulent family, it doesn’t require much water, making it a favorite among low maintenance houseplant lovers.  So to avoid over watering your plant, allow the soil to almost dry out between waterings.  Use a water meter or simply place your finger into the soil to identify moisture.  If you see that your finger has no soil on it when you remove it, the plant is dry while any dirt adhering to your finger is a sign of moisture.

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Light.  The aloe vera is happiest when receiving sunlight, but avoid direct light.  As with most houseplants, filtered light is best (light coming through a blind) or place the medicinal beauty on a covered porch.  Simply gauge your aloe’s light preference by its behavior:  if the leaves begin  to scorch and turn brown, it is receiving too much light, while if you notice the leaves are no longer facing upward, but beginning to lay flat, you should increase light frequency.

Fertilize.  Aloe’s rest during winter months, so fertilization is not necessary.  But as the warm weather begins to approach in the spring, new growth will begin to emerge and now is the best time to feed your plant.  Continue to feed your aloe with a plant food especially formulated for it’s food needs.

Our Review of the Aloe Vera:  Who can resist the simply beauty of the aloe vera!  With its healing properties alone, it’s a must-have for any plant lover.  If you are new to growing aloe, try a small 3” or 4” pot for your sunny kitchen windowsill and you will be happy with your low-care houseplant.  Also visit our Plant Lovers Community where other Aloe lover’s share their tips and tricks!

Bonus Tip:  Did you know that Aloe reduces toxins in the body?  Read about the benefits of growing an aloe here and drink to your health with Lily Of The Desert Aloe Vera Juice Organic!