Vinca Periwinkle: A Great Ground Cover for Soil Erosion Control

Have a spot in your yard where you just can’t get the plants to grow… or need a ground cover to help erosion… periwinkle is what you need!  It spreads quick and it has beautiful lavender flowers during the Spring.

Planting Tips.  Plant your periwinkle as soon as possible (at least within 24 hours).  If not, keep in a cool spot, out of direct sunlight.  Ensure the roots stay moist at all times.

It’s time to transplant!  Periwinkle likes full sun to part shade.  Be sure to give them lots of water once you plant them.  Vinca is not soil picky and tolerates various soil conditions.  Soil amendment is not necessary.

Light. Full sun – part shade.

Water.  Maintain moisture for new transplants.  Once established, periwinkle is drought-tolerant!    

Food.  Your transplant was fed before you received it, so you can wait until it is established to feed.  After that, just feed your periwinkle annually (or not at all!) depending  upon your soil’s nutrients.

Perennial.  This ground cover is a perennial and returns every year (and may not die back in certain zones for all year foliage).

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