We Love Easy Plants & Perennials

Updated: Nov 5, 2019

When did I feed it?

Can't remember when  you fed  your houseplant last?  If you're using that food with all those toxic chemicals you most likely are using the stick or a 4-6 month slow release granule for convenience.

What is it releasing?

We get that; life gets busy so you end up guessing when that last time you fed your Christmas Cactus. The slow release synthetic is convenient because it's slow release. But what else is it releasing into your home?

As you know, since plants help absorb toxins and then release healthy oxygen into your home, doesn't that defeat the purpose of using chemically-based plant foods?

But it's convenient.

What if you could still have the convenience of using a food occasionally feeding your plant with a natural and organic plant food?

Easy Pour Plant Packs

You can with our Easy Pour Plant Packs. With Easy Pour Plant Packs we take all the guesswork out of plant care for you. This gives you more time to enjoy your family and your plants without the upkeep of remembering when you fed your plant last.

This is how we make plant care easy for you: just give us the names o some of your plants basis (maybe your peace lilies, pothos, or bamboo plants). We will custom blend an all natural & organic plant food* specific for that plant and then send it out to you when it's time to feed your plant.

Nope, no measuring!

And to make it even easier, when your Plant Packs arrives all you need to do is pour. No measuring. We provide you just enough custom blended plant food for the cares of your plants. No measuring! Just sprinkle the entire plant food on the plant. That's it!

Make plant care easy and natural. Ready to pour and go? Start your custom plant food care plan today.

* We Love Houseplant's custom blend plant food is natural and organic. It is a slow release granule substance made with bone and blood meal.