You Can Stop Erosion in Your Yard With One of These Ground Covers!

Have a spot in your yard where you just can’t get the plants to grow?… or need a ground cover to help erosion?… checkout these ground covers to solve your problems!  Get your groundcover exclusively at We Love Houseplants powered by our sister store The James Canteen General Store

Periwinkle Ground Cover

Periwinkle, or vinca, is a perennial ground cover that easily spreads in areas that suffer from compacted soil, erosion, and sloped hillsides. It spreads quick and it has beautiful lavender flowers during the Spring.

It comes in full green or variegated green and white.  Both varieties flourish in full sun or part shade with minimal water.  During the spring vinca blossoms with pretty lavender flowers and only grows up to 6″ tall.  Need more periwinkle planting care and tips?  Go here!


Moss is wonderful to help control erosion and absorb standing water or slow draining areas.  Use to fill natural side walk paths.  Beautiful bright green color!

Monkey Grass

Monkey Grass, or Liriope, makes a great ground cover for hard to grow areas and helps control erosion.  It grows up to 12” and spreads quickly.  Likes full sun and part shade.  Great for hard-to-grow areas!  Adapts to various soil types. 

When planting monkey grass from bare root, soil amendment is not necessary.  Liriope is adaptable and grows in various types of soil.  You can plug and go with liriope!


For a plant that grows low to the ground, ajuga is it!  It grows as a dense ground covering that is not bothered by mowing or walking.  It prefers some shade, but still thrives in full sun.  And it’s super easy to plant bare root ajuga!  Simply rake the area, plant, and water in.  It’s that easy!  Just water as necessary so it doesn’t dry out until it is established.  After that, ajuga doesn’t require any special care.

All of these low maintenance ground covers will be available early spring 2019. Join the Easy Plant Club you will be in the know!