Perennial Black Eyed Susan (Rudbeckia) Flower- 300 Seeds- Free Shipping!

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    Add a spot striking color with Black Eyed Susan.  Easy and quick to grow.  Looks great planted with Purple Coneflower or Shasta Daisy.    You get 300 perennial seeds.  Each seed is potentially 1 plant and will germinate provided sown correctly.


    Sow directly on amended and fertile soil or wild flower space. Sow simply be scattering on top of soil and gently pressing in with palm of hand or gently walk over the area. Water lightly. 


    Grows up to 30" tall depending upon soil structure and light visibility. 

    Deadhead frequently to extend the blooming period. 

    Hardy zones 3-7


    Store your seeds in a cool and dry location. Avoid storing in heat or moist areas.